Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia

The Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia is a premier institute, offering you a unique opportunity to learn the Art of Pastry & Bakery. Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia is committed to groom the best, “ready to perform” professionals, entering the industry and related fields.Diploma-in-Pastry-Bakery-Arts

Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia offers you the rare opportunity to learn the art of pastry in an intimate setting, being personally mentored by masters in their field. Your skills will be finely honed through hands-on practice and repeated exposure to the best pastry techniques, tools and ingredients. Our school is dedicated to the art of pastry and it is our goal to be the finest pastry school in Asia, producing the best-prepared professionals entering the industry. Read more …

Academy of Culinary Arts Malaysia

Academy of Culinary Arts Malaysia is an International Culinary School. Academy of Culinary Arts strongly believe in teaching which is hands-on with a qualified chef. You will be groomed and trained in a very professional and comfortable setting. At Academy of Culinary Arts Malaysia, when you enroll with us, you don’t just learn basic culinary skills. You will understand and feel the whole culinary world around you. You will observe the real meaning and understanding of different cuisines.  After completing the program, you will be working as Intern or full time commi chefs at some of the great hotels and restaurants in Asia Pacific.

24-Advanced-diplomaAcademy of Culinary Arts invest continually in our curriculum and our teachers. Academy of Culinary Arts, prepare students to be world-class commi chef in just 6 to 9 months. Looking forward in having the opportunity to help for those would like to become the best and realize their dreams.  Read More …